Friday, September 18, 2009

Speed Secrets

Here's something that might interest anyone who wants to push their customized rides to the limit. Major tips for everyone:

  1. Engine Secrets
  2. Top engine customizations
  3. Eye training for the race car driver
  4. Get better reaction times
  5. Stock car tips

and more..  Get the racing tips you need here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

K.I.T.T. Customizations

If you're old enough, you'd probably watched Knight Rider as a kid and drooled every time KITT did something a car of that could never do. The 2008 remake has had mixed reviews at the moment, although I'm reserving judgement until at least half of the season. What wins I guess is of course KITT itself or himself or whatever.

As everyone might have guessed giving KITT the modern feel was not easy, but damn sure is beatiful. Some of the new customizations was the submersible (with life support systems for the passengers) and changing to a Ford F-150 for off - road adventures. Turbo enhancers as usual.

Though the car itself as a normal Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR is not impressive. I'm pretty sure that when it does it's thing we'd all go drooling again. What's wonderful though is that the customizations made are really far out, but not impossible. KITT can be controlled by remote control by up to a mile, and Turbo systems have been developed, so have GPS's and so forth and so on, (although I think it would be difficult to actually change a mustang to an F-150) I guess with the imagination nothing really is impossible and some of the science fiction of cars today may be reality in the future.

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Featured Custom Car Shop - Wheels West

Simple yet elegant. Those are the words that I would describe every car in the Wheels West gallery. Their customs are simple yet creative, and definitely not over the top.

I'm actually sick of seeing those exaggerated customizations that put things that you wouldn't actually need in a car. This is just plain old hotness in a car. What I love about them is how they adjust the style of every job to tailor the look and feel of the car itself, at the same time complimenting the stock design.

Wheels West is located in Canada but can provide services to people in the US. There's this useful 'Get a quote' tool on their site too. Go check out their gallery and see if you can find something for your ride there.